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Red Jasper Award

The Red Jasper Award in Musical Composition seeks to recognize and promote outstanding musical works by recent composers.

May 25, 2022 – Winning Works and Finalists

The Red Jasper Award is pleased to announce the winning pieces of this year’s competition.

Winning Works

Winter by Hannah Selin
(begins at 2 hours and 13 minutes)

Harp Concerto by Sami Seif

Motion Access” by Ryan Carter

Finalist Works

String Quartet No. 2 (Fede) by Michael Grebla

Upon Whose Shoulders We Stand by Arthur Gottschalk

the vulgar and the holy III by Masafumi Oda

March 30, 2022 – Short-Listed Works

We are pleased to announce the works that have been shortlisted for the Red Jasper Award.

  • Aaron Robinson, Petite Suite for Bassoon Trio
  • Adam Stanović, Good Night, Tin Hau
  • Adam Torkelson, Blasted Heath
  • Adrzej Ojczenasz, Tech-uniques
  • Akmal Parwez, A Haiku Triptych
  • Alex Nohai-Seaman, Miniatures for Violin and Piano
  • Alsu Nigmatullina, Crown Shyness
  • Andres Luz, Enigmatic Improvisation
  • Andrew List, Earth Song
  • Anna Vienna Ho, The Buddha and the Monkey King & The Monk of the River
  • Anthony Esland, The Bee Carol
  • Aram Shekikyan, Melody of Nymph
  • Arthur Gottschalk, Upon Whose Shoulders We Stand
  • Arthur Gottschalk, Requiem for the Living
  • Bonita Oliver and Dorian Wallace, Fan the Fames of Discontent
  • Bracha Bdil, In Memory of Voices
  • Brian T. Field, Let the Light Shine on Me
  • Brooks Clarke, Psalm 135:17
  • Chesney Palmer, Enigma
  • Chin Ting Chan, Falling Stars
  • Chris Evan Hass, Liquid Metal
  • Craig Madden Morris, Romance for Violin and Piano
  • Cullyn D. Murphy, Agony
  • Daniel Armistead, In the Midst of Desolation
  • Daniel De Togni, Look to this Day
  • Daniel De Togni, Evergreen
  • David Heinick, Four Letter Words
  • David Pegel, Mourner’s Kaddish
  • David Roche, The waves I ride have never been crossed
  • David Vayo, Ceremony of Yearning
  • Demetris Timoleontos, Hide and Seek
  • Dorian Wallace, Manusa
  • Dylan Dukat, nothingness
  • Dylan Trần, Two Summer Loves
  • Dylan Trần, String Quartet No. 2
  • Eugeniusz Knapik, Blessing gentle breeze
  • Frida V. De La Sota, Improvisación y Resiliencia
  • George Bromley, Fantasia for a Broken Wing
  • Greg Steinke, Tomorrow for Yesterday
  • Hannah Selin, Winter
  • James Devor, Coming Together
  • Jared Destro, Yggdrasil
  • Jee Seo, “On Fever”
  • Jee Seo, … Moments Musicaux …
  • Jeremiah Titsworth, Ancient Alchemy
  • Joan Tan, Chroma
  • João Pedro Oliveira, Kontrol
  • John Franek, Backscatter
  • John Mackey, Asphalt Cocktail
  • John Simon, Shimmer
  • Johnny MacMillan, String Quartet No. 2
  • Johnny MacMillan, Sunyata
  • Jonathan Newmark, Arithmetic
  • Jordi Rossinyol, de feres bèsties goloses
  • Joseph Bohigian, The Water Has Found its Crack
  • Joshua Haugen, Accarezzevole
  • Kostas Rekleitis, Subito
  • Leah Reid, Fall Leaves Fall
  • Linda Buckley, Loom
  • Logan Rutledge, Stretch Marks
  • Louis Raymond-Kolker, Concertino for Double Seconds
  • M. Rosas Cobian, After Brancusi
  • Maja Bosnić, Cavitation
  • Masafumi Oda, the vulgar and the holy III
  • Melinda Faylor, Fantasy
  • Melissa d’Albora, Lava
  • Michael Grebla, String Quartet No. 2 (Fede)
  • Michael Selvaggi, An Inevitable Decay, Rot
  • Mikołaj Sarad, Brocken Spectrum
  • Nathan Grocholski, Lockdown
  • Nick Hubbell, Archeology
  • Nick Revel, Father and Daughter
  • Noah Granard, Bitter Winds
  • Panayiotis Kokoras, Michelangelo’s Empire Turbine
  • Paul Ayres, Mass for Two Voices
  • Paul Dice, Buxton Birdwalk
  • Ramiro Mansilla Pons, Antes de su imperio
  • Richard Campanelli, Of Nights Both Blue & Haunted
  • Robin Julian Heifetz, Slings and Arrows III
  • Roman Czura, Maras, ino Maras
  • Rosalie Coopman, Origami II
  • Ryan Carter, Motion Access
  • Rylan Gleave, supine (it lay)
  • Ryne Siesky, glass, evaporate[d]
  • Ryne Siesky, HUMAN
  • Sami Seif, Harp Concerto
  • Sami Seif, Orientalism
  • Samuel Solís-Serrano, ʾmr
  • Sen Lin, Fremde Spur
  • Smee Wong, Plastic Reminiscences
  • Smee Wong, Secret of a Dream
  • Sonia Killmann, Mineral Snowflakes
  • Talia Amar, From the Chrysalis
  • Tiffany Adams, Dear,
  • Toh Yan Ee, iridescent shadows
  • Tyler Zwink, Little Wheat Field
  • Veronika Reutz Drobnić, t://h://e://y://
  • Wajdi Abou Diab, The Awiss Dance
  • Warren Gooch, Outside My Midnight House
  • Wen Ziyang, Plunge in Sky
  • William Toutant, En hommage à Debussy
  • Yi-Ning Lo, Collage of Oblivion
  • Yi-Ning Lo, Marbles in the Wok
  • Yong Tan, My Little Sister “asking” for Present
  • Yun Ming Tai, His Wings

January 1, 2022

The deadline to submit has now passed and we are no longer accepting new submissions or recommendations.

Thank you to all of those who sent us music!

We received more than 400 submissions and will be spending the next few months listening to them carefully.

August 2021: Competition Announcement:

Deadline: December 31, 2021 (11:59pm, Pacific Standard Time)

Anyone is welcome to recommend up to 3 compositions. Send link to publicly available online recordings to sound.amethyst@redjasperaward

No fee to enter

Prize: awardees and honorable mentions will be listed on this page. Other prizes to be announced.

Detailed Guidelines and Information

• list title and name of the composer for each work
• additional information (notes, score, bio, year of composition, etc.) is welcome but optional
• genre: western classical, new music no restrictions of medium, style, or length
• recent works are particularly sought after, but any work from the past 25 years or even under-recognized works from the 20th century may be submitted.
• open to absolutely any composer (regardless of age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.), including deceased composers, composer teams, and compositions generated by non-humans (e.g., artificial intelligence)
• send links to the best publicly available audio or video (YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.) the audio quality of the recording (or video) is very important; MIDI is not acceptable unless MIDI sound is specifically intended in the final audio
• composers may submit their own work; they are also encouraged to nominate and submit the works of others

The composition of the jury is anonymous to protect the integrity of process. Recommenders will also remain anonymous.

Send questions to